Saturday, April 24, 2010

Camels, The special animals


camel1 Here are a few ideas and resources to teach about camels, as a part of desert habitat or on its own.

Its a good idea to start with a story especially with smaller kids. Since Camels are many times discussed in Quraan, it would be a good idea to know where and why is it mentioned in Quraan. In Sura Al Ghashiya Allaah (swt) specially invites us to ponder over the camel. Making a video of Sura Al Ghashiyaa and its translation can be one great way to memorize the meaning of the Sura for non Arabic learners, and at the same time giving your child the opportunity to sharpen their digital skills.

Reading and understanding Sura Al Ghashiya will also help you in explaining the concept behind adaptation since we as Muslims believe in an animal being “Equipped” by Allaah rather than its “Evolving” to suit its habitat. Children can learn about special “equipments” given to a camel from here.

Use wordle to learn adjectives using camel as a subject. Learn about Venn diagrams by comparing Arabian and Bactrian camels. Give the child more than one option to represent the data, by encouraging him/her to think of different ways he/she can show the differences between the two  kinds of camel. Perhaps making an animoto would be a good option.

If you have any more ideas, please share them by leaving a comment. Jazakumullah!

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