Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dolphins and Whales

dolphins Dolphins and whales have a very good reputation in holding a child in rapt attention. If you ever feel like your child is getting excited every time he/she sees a dolphin or whale’s name, perhaps its time to use this fascination in learning a few things. Here are some suggestions.
Read Hadrat Yunus (as) story (who was swallowed by a fish, which many say was a whale) . Lots of activities can be done based on Hadrat Yunus (AS) story.
If your child is not interested in reading non fiction (or anything) building up a wall on wallwisher can be one way to motivate him. You can suggest starting a wall and asking your child to put up all the facts he'/she likes on this wall. Alternatively you can make a real bulletin board in your house.
Use some of the facts learned in teaching Data handling and representing for younger kids. Teach sorting and classifying with a Venn diagram or make an animoto video.
Teach literary skills using the fascination with dolphins and whales. Younger kids can learn new vocabulary such the body parts of a whale/dolphin or words starting with a W for a whale, or explore all the Describing words (adjectives) for whales/dolphins.
Teach your kids the usage of computers and effective information representation by making a digital poster based on their learning about whales and dolphins, or make a one using paper etc.
If you can think of more activities please share them by posting a comment. Jazakumullah!

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