Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Website – NG Young Explorer Classroom Magazine


NG Young Explorer Classroom Magazine


Review: Young Explorer Classroom Magazine is an online magazine for early elementary (Reception and KS1) students from National Geographic. Although it is aimed as a companion website for the printed version of Young Explorer magazine, it is very beneficial even with out having a print copy. Younger children can listen to the magazine while those able to read will sure find this an engaging example of non fiction reading. You will find colourful and near to life photography in a true National Geographic style. The book like interface is very simple making the navigation possible even for very young learners. The best part is that it is a completely music free website. Create a love of the Creator by showing the wonders of some of His creations with this wonderful resource. Every month you get three “stories” or articles on different topics, the topics normally include nature, wildlife, conservation of resources etc. Go to “For Teachers” section and you will find a PDF of lesson plans, discussion questions and ideas on how to use this magazine in education. There are also some ready to print work sheets and suggested activities based on the current issue. You can even browse the older issues and their corresponding teachers’ guide from the archives. So next time you are making a project on spiders or Coral Reef, don’t forget to checkout this magazine first.

Suitable for ages: 4-8 years

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