Monday, November 22, 2010

Wacky One Word Writing

I don’t like to call it writing, in fact I don’t like to call writing “Writing” at all. We call it game, we call it fun, we call it challenge, we call it a dare and don’t underestimate the power of a name! It can perk your little one up or it can bore him to death. Anyway! So I don’t call it a writing or study or any of those boring names. I like to call “Let’s play the one word game” or “Who wants to play the 60 second challenge?” Who can resist THAT?

So today’s resource is a game, a challenge, it doesn’t take hours or wit beyond measure. But it is fun and if you are lucky your kids may want to do it again! It is ONEWORD.


Every time you enter, it will give you a single word and sixty seconds to write about it. The website says “Don’t think, just write” which is a very good strategy especially when you are feeling your head is blank and you can’t write a single thing. After writing you can publish your work by giving your name and email address but that isn’t necessary at all. I just like to take a screen capture of my kids work and save it in their personal writing folders. (Taking screen capture is easy. If you have Windows 7 you can just use the snipping tool, I think there is a similar tool in mac but I am not sure. Or you can download free screen capture tools like Jing.) Once everyone has had a go with that word, compare your writing, laugh over silly bits and move on. Who wants to spend the whole day scooped inside doing “writing” when its raining in South Africa with triple rainbows on the sky?

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