Friday, November 19, 2010

Wacky Free Writing Tools

One of the best thing about web 2.0 immergence is that you don’t need to spend ridiculous amount of money on simple things, like word processing programs. While MS Office is still the program of choice when it comes to writing and creating docs, but its price especially in countries where currency is weak (very weak) against dollar makes these programs out of reach for many. But thanks to web 2.0 technology and open source programs, no one is left behind now.

Here are a few of my personal favorite Free Programs for writing, making spreadsheets and presentations etc.

1. OO04kids
The only open source office suit made especially for kids. With bold colors, easy navigation and attractive design, this program is loads more attractive than your average office suit. Completely free to download and use, it has four modules. Writing, Spreadsheets, Presentations and Drawing.

2. Openoffice
The best free alternate to Microsoft Word. You can do everything (almost) with it that you can do with MS Office. Plus you can open files made with MS Office with this program.

3. Google Docs
Completely web based, Google Docs let you write, create spreadsheets, presentations, drawing and more. The best thing about Google Docs is that you can access them from anywhere and everywhere. You can invite others to collaborate on any document which makes it particularly powerful for educational uses.

4. Zoho
Tons of web based applications letting you create docs, presentations, spread sheets, projects, wikis and more. You can collaborate and share, embed and link all for free.

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