Thursday, November 18, 2010

Reading Urdu

Here is a first in some Urdu readers I am making myself. My kids can speak Urdu fluently but can not read it yet. I wanted them to get fluent in Arabic before introducing Urdu reading as both languages use mostly the same alphabets and learning to read both at the same time may prove confusing. Also, it is better to learn reading Arabic before Urdu otherwise sometimes it may complicate learning Arabic phonics.

When I started to hunt for the resources on Urdu, I was very disappointed. There are no colorful readers available and the content is low quality so I decided to give it a go and make my own stuff. I am by no means a compatible person to make readers in any language, but my children find what I am making more interesting than the drab text books available anyway. So for anyone who may want beginner Urdu material, I am sharing these here. Please note that these readers are made for children who have no problem in understanding Urdu and who can already read very basic words.

This first reader is a poem I have sung as a child myself and still love it. The poem is not my own work but I don’t know the name of author so can’t give proper credit.


  1. Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatulahi Wabarakatu

    Mashallah what a wonderful idea and effort. Inshallah when my kids learn Urdu I will def use them. Jazaakallah for your wonderful effort.

  2. jazakillah for the feedback. I am glad you liked it.


  3. I am homeschooler and my kids are learning Arabic, Urdu, English plus a lil bit of Spanish. I would like to point out some Urdu material which is colorful and attractive for kids, though not all is completely islamic.
    1. BookGroup publishers
    2. Paramount publishers
    3. Naveed e Sahar trust Karachi (has some great colorful Islamic books for kids)
    4. MIS publishers (

    Hope that helps.

  4. Jazakillah sister for sharing these resources. Will definitely look into them.



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