Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Website–Study Jams


Study Jams


Review: Study Jams is a collection of over 200 educational resources, in the form of animated videos and step by step presentations, by Scholastic. Those of you who have used Brain Pop may find it similar in approach but with one big advantage – Study Jams is free! There are many kids who do fine when learning through a text book but for others boredom and dislike of text books becomes a hindrance in learning itself. Living in 21st century means that our children have way too much stimulation around them in the form of computers, smart phones etc and the prospect of learning concepts via reading text books is plain boring for them. This is where sites like Study Jams come in to help. We can easily use these “text books of 21st century” in presenting information, teaching new concepts and practicing the previously learned concepts. In Study Jams there are “jams” or units on topics for both science and math. Topics for science are everything from volcanoes to photosynthesis and math jams explain things like fractions in a story format which helps in captivating children’s attention as well as explaining the role of math in everyday life. Each jam has got a test your self and key vocabulary section. Related jams are also suggested to take the learning further. Over all a very good collection of resources. There is music in in though but thankfully not at places where switching off speakers may render it useless. There are karaoke and songs as learning aids so make sure your kids know not to use them. For some reason the site does not work well in Chrome but works fine with Internet Explorer and Safari for Mac.


Suitable for ages: 5-10

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