Thursday, November 11, 2010

Few Things To Do With Pizzas

When we talk about Pizza and learning all that comes to mind is fractions. No doubt pizza comes in really handy when teaching fractions but there is so much more you can do with this all time family favorite. So here are just a few ideas.




1. Use pizzas as creative writing starter.




2. Use your local pizza shops to introduce components of spatial organization with this interesting lesson plan.




3. Fractions, of course, may be using one of the pizza game from this Bag Full Of Fractions?




4. Research about the history of pizza and make a flip book or timeline to show your results.




5. Do some science by looking at the ingredients in pizza base. Learn about wheat, explore gluten and yeast and do some experiments using yeast.




6. Explore your toppings like meat and cheese, dig deeper into how sausages are made and the biology behind cheese. You can also try making cheese at home and compare it with the store bought version.




7. Talking about pizza, which country comes to mind? Italy! So why not research about Italy and make a fact file?




8. Practice persuasive writing by making a poster for your very own pizzeria.




9. Now that you have enough (or more than?) knowledge about pizzas, why not present it with a digital poster?





10. And don’t forget to make your own home made pizza or perhaps you will like a Chicago style deep dish stuffed pizza ?

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