Friday, July 2, 2010

Wood Fired Oven

If you are our NORMAL human being, you must like pizza. And if your kids are our NORMAL human kids they must like pizza ALOT. So here is a simple creative writing activity for the pizza lovers. Watch the video and then write a paragraph/story/recipe/audio narrative/photo essay etc etc about any aspect of the video, e.g. history of pizza and its origin in Italy, famous recipes and their backgrounds, properties of fire and its effect on things, comparing the cost of a pizza made in fire wood oven and that made in electrical/gas ovens, are just a few things to write about. Leave the choice to kids and be prepared to watch in wonder the things they may come up with.


Teachers TV is such a rich source of resources like the one above. Take your time and browse through the website. The videos and resources are categorized by subjects and grade levels. Although all of the videos are free to watch, some videos are not available to watch out side UK. Still it is a very good site to find lesson starters, or inspirational short clips for creative writing.


  1. Good to know we are VERY normal. Great website. I'm bookmarking that, for sure!

  2. Good to know there are other VERY normals besides us!! happy exploring umm Omar



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