Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WWW – My Life As An Elk


My Life As An Elk


Review: The National Museum of Wildlife Art site has this interactive story that teaches learners about elk life. Learners take on the identity of a newborn elk calf and make choices throughout the story about what the calf does. Students learn what a newborn elk calf looks like; how it lives with its mother as it grows; what it eats and who its predators are; and ends with a tale of the elk herd migrating. Students can choose to read the story with vocal narration or without. There is no music (but a lot of loud screeching sounds probably made by elks) You will need to allow twenty to thirty minutes for reading this story. You can take this activity even further e.g. after children have read this online story, ask them to prepare a presentation about what they learned. For their presentation, they can maintain the identity of the elk they "became" in the interactive story and describe the consequences of the choices they made online as well. Consider offering students the option of going into more detail about one aspect of the story instead. For example, there is a great deal of information about the difference between antlers and horns, which would cover enough material to be its own presentation. In this way, students can benefit from more of the information offered on this site than they can individually explore.


Suitable for ages: 5-10

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