Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yeast-Bread Activities

Continuing on the activities from The Grain Chain, here are some more yeast activities.
Bread baking:
(country loaf bread rolls recipe from The Grain Chain)
Children can learn about measuring:
Start with measurements. Show the kids how to measure 1 cup of flour and put it into a bowl. Then have them measure 1 cup of flour again using ½ cup measurements, 1/3 cup measurements and ¼ cup measurements. Talk about the difference in the measuring cups. How are they different? How do you know that four ¼ cups equals 1 cup? Ask them to show you.
Another way to teach math through cooking is to double the bread recipe. Ask the children how you can make enough for 12 people if your recipe only makes enough for 6. For younger children who are not yet ready to multiply, introduce the concept of doubling and then cutting in half. You can prompt them to think about making two recipes, counting and measuring the ingredients twice. Should you make two separate recipes or just combine it all into one bowl? All of these prompts will help them think about doubling. Ask older children to multiply the recipe measurements by two. Have the children think about this question – if you need to double the ingredients, do you need to double the cooking temperature? Why or why not? Have them write a constructed response to that question. Children who are too young to write can give verbal answers.
Younger ones can keep record of time and perhaps use a timer. you can also ask questions such as how many more minutes to go? etc

From Wheat to Bread presentation:
(presentation not made by me, i downloaded it from one of the teacher’s community website, but can’t find the link again. If anyone knows the owner website, pls let me know so i can give proper credits)

Yeast Activities:
Yeast can be a great learning tool. It explains about living things, how they need food/warmth. For younger children try this activity.

Older ones can perhaps do this one

Happy Baking/Experimenting/Funning!

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