Monday, November 9, 2009

Application of Deen in Daily Life

Create a story encompassing aspects of daily life. Deliberately make your characters do unislamic actions, and the children must point the wrong behaviour where it occurs, tell the right action and support it with any ayaa-tul- Quraan or ahaadeeth they already know. For smaller children you may use a puppet and make him do the actual actions e.g. eating with left hand etc.

Below are 10 short ahadeeth which can be easily memorized by children and a story encompassing all aspects learnt in the ahaadeeth as an example.


One day, Zayd entered his home and found his mother seated in the kitchen. She greeted him as he went to the cupboard to take a piece of cake. Just then the cell phone rang. He answered his phone, which was in his right hand, while he munched on his cake with the other hand.

After speaking to his friend he went to the fridge and began drinking some juice. As he stood drinking, his mother called out, “what are you doing?” You have a bad cough, do not drink anything cold!”

He replied, “I am not drinking anything.”

“All right, bring me a glass of water,” requested his mother. “Aw! Mom, I’m busy -  get it yourself,” he replied. He continued munching on his cake, dropping crumbs all over the floor and spilling juice on his clothes.

The doorbell rang. He went to the door and there stood a beggar asking for some food. Zayd very rudely refused to give him food and chased him away.

Before shutting the door he thre the cake wrapping which was in his hand, into his neighbours yard. His mother called out, yet again. “Who was at the door?”

Zayd replied, “A beggar asking for food.”

“Did you give him any food?” asked his mother.

“I did not give him anything. He will make a habit of begging. I just got rid of him,” replied Zayd.

Can you teach Zayd any ahaadeth regarding his conduct?











Similarly you can make up other storied encompassing other ahaadeeth or islamic teachings.

(story and pictures taken from Tasheelul Ahaadeeth 1 by Jamiat Ulama South Africa)


  1. Asalaamu alaikum

    I love this! I did your example with my kids and they noticed almost every mistake. This is such a good activity masha Allah.

  2. MashaAllah sister, I use these books too they are wonderful jazakAllahu khair for sharing - keep up the good work.


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