Saturday, October 31, 2009

Gardening- Jam packed Learning (part III)

In this post I have just collected some useful online resources to help you through gardening, and since i am more of a kitchen gardener, so sorry about lack of resources regarding flowers and stuff!

1. Grow you own

This website has a lot of information for home gardeners, and is quite fun to browse. you can fine all sorts of information here from water conservation to soil health, from worms and other creepers to landscape gardening. Check out the yummy yards section for growing your own vegetables.


Since its an Australian website, South Africans can also benefit from their seasonal ideas.





Gardening as a tool for Learning

Following are some websites that will help you in involving active learning within your gardening.

1. Kids Gardening

blog-he Lots of ideas to get kids motivated. There are also lesson plans and activities designed for teachers, which are easily customisable for HE families.

2. Face – Online

This link will take you to teacher’s page of this website, but also check other pages. Teacher’s page contains a wealth of information, lesson plans, activities that can be adopted by HE families. From GCSE level biology and marketing to Primary level ICT, this website has a lot with farming and growing plants as the main





Especially for South Africa

this website (though not very interesting looking) gives a lot of information about our soil types, what to  grow when and where, and a list of suppliers for all things.

For those who have no Yard/Garden area

No problem, container gardening is also great, and sometime easier, and definitely less messy. Here are a few websites to guide you through.

1. Family Fun

Some simple growing techniques.

2. Container Gardening

Althoughlettuce in colander aimed towards adults, this website is amazing for container gardeners. From growing lettuce in a colander to  money saving container gardening ideas, it has everything.


Growing Herbs

Growing herbs is a pretty cool thing too. Not only will your children get the advantages of gardening, you will have fresh aromas wafting from your kitchen inshAllaah.

Garden Club

Gives good advice on herbs in container gardening.


Herb Gardens

A lot of info about herb gardens and how to grow them.

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