Saturday, August 7, 2010

Little Rainbow

Everywhere you have gone, a rainbow has come.

Learning Goals: Say and use number names in order

To achieve this goal, we have….

Some Games to Play

1. Sing or chant One, one, a big sticky bun. Hold up a thumb to indicate one then pretend to bite the big sticky bun. Now two two, look at my shoes! Hold up thumb and first finger to match the ‘Two’ and then point at your shoes. Three, three, clever old me! Hold up thumb and two fingers to match ‘Three’ and then point at yourself. Four, four, knock on the floor! Hold up thumb and three fingers to match ‘Four’ and then knock on the floor. Five, five, bees in a hive! Hold up all five fingers on one hand and make the fingers all buzz around.
Encourage the child to match his/her fingers to the number each time. Take turns with your child to say a number less than five, e.g. three. Everyone shows three fingers or specify three things, e.g. three biscuits etc. Repeat a few times but don’t stress if the child is not interested at the time.

2. Sing or chant
One, two, three, four five
Once I caught a fish alive
six, seven, eight, nine, ten
then I let him go again
why did you let him go?
because he bit my finger so,
which finger did he bite?
this little finger on the right!
As you are counting raise one finger for each number spoken so that as you say ‘five’ you are holding up a whole hand and for ‘ten’ two whole hands.

3. Cut a strip of paper with numbers on it at equal distance. Use it to measure all the heads in the family. See whose head is biggest, smallest etc.

4. Play with your child, count your jumps, hops, throws, steps etc.

5. Touch your head, shoulder, tummy, knees and then your toes. Ask the child how many things have we touched?

6. Paint a large tree on a a paper. Cut out some apple/oranges/any other fruit shapes. Paint the fruits with your child and stick them on the tree. Count as you go. If the child is ready you can also use this activity to introduce more/less concept.

7. Use a number track 1 to 10, and a colored counter for you and a colored counter for your child. If you are using rubber tiles/ paper sheets to assemble your counter, count in unison as you assemble it. Take turns putting the counter on the track, and think of things you could do that many times. For example with the counter on 1 you can say Bismillaah once, clap once, hop once, smile once, etc. Some things you can do are: clap, click fingers, bark, cluck, sticking out tongue, flapping wings  etc.

8. Make a larger set up of a town with any resources you have on hand. Blocks, cardboard tubes, cereal boxes anything can be cut and used. With a toy car ‘drive’ together with your young one in this ‘town’ pretending to go to grocery store, masjid, clinic etc. Include lots of counting questions, how many houses along this road, how many bricks have you used to make this sky scrapper etc.

9. Chant the following rhyme, matching each verse by
the appropriate number of fingers and a suitable action.
One big bunny rabbit bouncing just like you,
Along came another one and then there were two.
Two big bunny rabbits digging by a tree,
Along came another one and then there were three.
Three big bunny rabbits eating even more . . .
Four big bunny rabbits glad to be alive . . .
Five big bunny rabbits jumping over bricks . . .
Six big bunny rabbits living down in Devon . . .
Seven big bunny rabbits squeezing through
the gate . . .
Eight big bunny rabbits hopping in a line . . .
Nine big bunny rabbits sitting in a pen . . .
Ten big bunny rabbits running in the furrow
Out came the moon so they went down in their
Make it interesting by asking questions like Bunny says he has . . . pause to add suspense . . . three friends. As fast as possible child has to show you three fingers!

10. Count to twenty along the number line. Then make
the puppet count to twenty along the line but he does
it wrong and misses out one number! The child should correct him. Can he/she point to the number on the line that the puppet left out? Repeat making the puppet miss out a different number each time!

11. Set out the number line, hanging it where the child can reach the numbers. Stick a sticker to represent flies on numbers 3, 8 and 12 and the nest before number 1. Show children a spider (don’t draw a actual spider). Mr spider is hungry. He is going to catch a fly! How many hops will he have to make along the number line to catch a fly? Point at the first fly on number 3. Encourage suggestions. Then make the spider hop out of his nest, counting one, two, three. Three hops. Mr Fly was on number three. Make the spider eat up the fly, gobble, gobble!
Point at the number line. Where is the next fly? How many hops will Spider have to make? Continue like this until the spider has eaten all the flies.

12. Lay large number mats in a track 1 to 10 (preferably along the middle of carpet). Each mat must be turned upside down so that the number cannot be seen. Let the child jump along the number track.
Count the child’s jumps. One, two, three, four. How many jumps? Four. Turn over the number mat. Point out that it says four. Repeat this process, taking turns to jump along the track whilst counting in unison. Keep going like this until all the number mats are
turned over.

13. Ask the child to put his/her hands behind his/her back. Tell him/her to bring their hands from behind their back and hold up the right number of fingers when you say a number. Reward and praise!

14. While playing in a park or your yard, and riding bikes etc encourage them to count things that can not be touched for example:
Ride round the mats three times.
Ride up to the fence and back four times.
Run five times between the tree and me.
Help the child to keep count as they take up each challenge.

Some things to Cook

1. Make biscuits or cookies together. Predict how many cookies/biscuits can be made with this dough. Write down child’s prediction. Let the child use a cookie cutter to cut the cookies and count them. Recipe for a simple dough: 100gm butter, 200gm flour, chocolate chips, one egg, water to mix. Mix the butter and flour to make ‘crumble’ mixture. add chocolate chips, beaten egg and water. Roll out to 1/2 cm thickness and cut the cookies with a cutter.

2. Make some ice-lollies with fruit juice and some cocktail sticks in an ice cube tray. Count the sticks, cubes, lollies etc.

Some things digital

1. Connect the dots

2. Organize the numbers

3. Order the numbers

4. Frogs and Ladders

5. Number Track

6. Count along to 100

7. Connect the dots to 10

8. Connect the dots to 15

9. connect the dots to 20

10. Connect the dots to 100

11. Monkey number order

Some things in power point

1. Learning to count

2. Camelsdale

Some things by others

1. Pre School Rainbow

Some worksheets

1. Kindergarten worksheets

2. Learning to count (number square to 100 with missing numbers)


  1. Salaams,
    These are such great activities masha'allah! I'd love to link to this page in the future for my maths blog - is that OK with you?

  2. walaikumussalam Caroline,

    I would love it! u can link it no problem. Iam glad you liked the activities. Whats the name of your maths blog? do share it with us here.


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