Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Website – Spelling with the Spellits


Spelling With Spellits


Review: Spelling with Spellits is yet another great interactive from BBC Schools. It is a fun way to practice spelling. Children have to complete a quest or solve a mystery by learning rules for spelling and applying their knowledge in choosing correct spellings. Each rule tells you if you will need the help of ears, brain, eyes or all three of them to know the correct spelling. The website says ‘In each game the child is drawn into a story and has to follow a quest or solve a mystery by doing some spelling challenges. If your child makes a mistake, the game will automatically offer them some help. This means they can work through the challenges on their own.’ The quests include escaping from a maze, catching Gypsy the horse and catching a thief. There is also a non-flash version available and kids can also do this activity offline by printing out the quest. There is no music which is a definite plus.


Suitable for ages: 6-11

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