Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Website – The Potato Story


The Potato Story


Review: The Potato Story is an interactive website from McCain. It gives students an easy understanding of healthy eating and plants’ growth. The Potato Story details the journey a potato makes from a farmer's field to your fork in a fun and interactive way. It is a good teaching resource as it covers science, literacy, ICT and Data handling in numeracy. This website contains four interactive and easy-to-use modules about plant and potato growth and healthy eating. Life cycles cover the basics of plant growth. There are two levels and a quiz in this activity. Healthy Potatoes has a fun game of Potato Detective in which kids investigate why a farmer’s crop of potato didn’t grow, along with a quiz. Growing Plants has a Growing plant game and a quiz. Balanced Meal has two interactive games, one about making a healthy meal and the other about the journey of a potato from farm to fork. There is also a teacher’s section which has lesson plans and free printable activity sheets. In Parents section you can find recipes to try with the kids and tips on growing your own potatoes. Fun facts are also squeezed in via different characters. Over all a good site to educate kids about a plants growth and healthy eating. But I feel that the age limits given in the website are not appropriate. In my opinion it will attract a much younger audience, so don’t dismiss this site by looking at the age group it suggests.


Suitable for ages: 5-11

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