Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Website – NGA Kids


NGA Kids


Review: NGA kids is an online interactive site for art. They claim it to be an adventure in art and surely it is. There are 10 interactive activities in one place. NGA Kids Jungle lets you create your own tropical jungle. Simply choose sky, clouds, trees, bushes, flowers, animals, birds etc by clicking on them and add them to your scene. You can even resize and flip the pictures. Studying about rainforest? Make your own rainforest with it. Studying Camouflage? Use this program to create animals and the environment in which they can camouflage. Faces and Places encourages children of all ages to create portraits and landscape paintings in the style of American naive artists by combining visual elements borrowed from more than 100 works in the National Gallery's permanent collection. Brushster  is an interactive painting machine that creates abstract art online. Paint colorful abstractions or use the program to design your own note cards, wrapping paper, or screensaver art. The program has forty brushes and two dozen special effects, plus there's an AUTO button that makes BRUSHster fun for all ages. Photo OP is an interactive activity which introduces you to digital photography and image editing. Use the virtual camera to snap photos, then edit the images or add special effects to create your own works of art. Or create an interactive Still Life that mirrors the paintings of the old masters. Mix and match colorful characters, create decorative objects, and explore the kitchen, living quarters, artist's studio, and courtyard of an interactive 17th-century Dutch House. Or Choose a brush, select your color, and create a mini-painting online with PAINTBOX. Explore the very tricky motion painting machine Flow or use one of the two Collage Machines. Zoom lets you explore three pictures from the museum in great detail.

From all of the above activities, Create a Jungle is my favorite. A word of caution though, all activities let print your picture but abstain from printing the pictures of animated objects. Instead you can use screen capture services like Jing to capture the snapshot and save it digitally on your hard drive.


Suitable for ages:4-15

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