Friday, May 21, 2010

Tajweed Interactives – Rules for the Name of Allaah(swt)



A complete lesson regarding the rule of Laam in the Exalted name of Allaah (swt). Again its an interactive designed in Power Point. Lesson includes the rules, an interactive quiz to check understanding and a glossary of the terms used. Please make duaa for my kids who very enthusiastically contributed the voice files.


You can use the interactive online from here, but I would recommend downloading the Power Point file from here as the online version is not very good at preserving sound files. If you do not have MS Power Point on your system, you can download the free viewer from here. You can also download this free software which is a good alternative to MS Office and supports the files in MS Office formats as well.

If you find any mistakes in my work, please let me know so together we can improve our learning. Jazakumullah!

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