Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Website - Mingoville




Review: Mingoville is a large collection of interactive games and activities for children who are learning English language. The site can be viewed in many languages including Arabic and Urdu. The activities are set in the imaginary town of Mingoville where the characters live. Children practice their reading, listening, vocabulary, spelling, grammar and pronunciation as they explore the town and interact with the inhabitants (all of whom are Flamingos by the way). An attractive interface with lots of audio to help children learn the language without being burdened by formal teaching. You will need to register (for free) to use this site. Parents can use one email address to register multiple children. After registering, kids get their very own personalized Flamingo character which is an inhabitant of Mingoville along others. There are some missions also to complete and an interactive dictionary is available throughout the site. Over all a site which can keep them busy and learning for some time :) Games haven’t got very clear instructions on how to play, which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your little learner. It may challenge the curious one to explore aiding problem solving skills and it may frustrate the impatient one so you may need to suggest a few things. In the downloads section you will find free to print worksheets to go with different missions (There are some which are not suitable for Muslim children) There is some music so you will need to turn sound off and on constantly (a minus definitely!) There is also a Disco in Mingoville so make sure your kids know the Islamic ruling on places like Discos.


Suitable for ages: Varies according to the level of English your child knows. Generally it may be suitable for ages 4 and up.

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