Saturday, October 22, 2011

Water Cycle Webquest

I have made a webquest for my kids on the topic of water cycle. I like the idea of introducing a topic through different web activities and books. From there we go to the more hands on activities which may include experiments and further exploration.

What I like about webquets is that it eliminates “a teacher delivering information” setup. Learners are able to learn on their own with out some one delivering the information to them. It is a first step towards being a self directed learner. From webquests, I would like to go on where my children search, analyze and sift through the information on their own.

I have included some review activities at the end, some from the lower level and some from the higher level of Bloom’s Taxonomy. As always, this activity was made specifically for my kids, so it is suitable for an age range of 7-10 or grades 2-5.

You can access it on Muslim Kids’ Interactive Blog.

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