Thursday, October 20, 2011

Techno Tools - TurtleArt



TurtleArt is a very cool tool for not only designing your art, but for learning the basics of computer programming while having fun with colors and shapes. The website itself explains this program as:

TurtleArt lets you make images with your computer. The Turtle follows a sequence of commands. You specify the sequence by snapping together puzzle like blocs. The blocks can tell the turtle to draw lines and arcs, draw in different colors, go to a specific place on the screen, etc. There are also blocks that let you repeat or name sequences. Other blocks perform logical operations.
The sequence of blocs as a program that describes an image. This kind of programming is inspired by the LOGO programming language. It was designed to be easy enough for children and yet powerful enough for people of all ages. TurtleArt is focused on making images while allowing you to explore geometry and programming.


This is a must do for all your learners! Have a look at the gallery to see what and how others have made. This program is completely free but you need to email the developers in order to obtain a copy. I got the reply with link to download my copy fairly quickly and it has been a big hit with my kids ever since. There are five books available on the site under getting started section that guide you through using different tools in this program. Overall it is a very good quality resource.

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