Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Weekly website–Story Time For Me


Story Time For Me


Review: Story Time For Me is a  wonderful, new resource of rich, entertaining and uplifting stories for children to read, and it is free! Story Time For Me is the creation of Andrew Gitt who assembled a team of children’s literary experts and multi-media specialists, and the result is an array of wonderful books for children as young as toddlers. You can choose from 3 different series characters:  Fern, Ben or Flame. The actual stories are rich with different animations. There are also many ways that  you can listen to the stories. You can choose to have  each word or phrase highlighted as it is read, pages flipped, sound on or off just by using the menu below each story. A very good resource but like many other good resources it has music. The good part is that the music is not there throughout the stories but rather on some pages, where turning the volume low turns out the music while still letting you listen to the narration. But if this doesn’t solve the problem, you can still mute the story and read it aloud yourself or let your child read those parts. All the stories have a moral lesson and according to the creator of the website:
Almost all of the books have a lesson that can be learned. It’s one thing for kids to learn to read, but quite another to teach them lessons in life and how to become responsible, caring adults. Andrew Gitt


Suitable for ages: 1-8


  1. Thanks for the post, don't forget to mention about the fun personalized activity books too!

  2. We have visited this website once and my children liked it, but then I forgot about it. We should go back. Thanks for sharing.

  3. very nice my best website....jazakallah (this comment is from umar.he loved this one)

  4. I am so happy umar for your comment. Barakallah and my kids also love this site. Do let me know what other sites you like. stay in touch!

  5. umer loved starfall too......i mailed u a few weeks back but i think i've got the wrong id.i wanted to no the name of that website/software to learn arabic language that u mentioned when v met.

  6. unaiza i never received any email from u, may be you have got a wrong/old one. try resending at ndhedhi at gmail dot com. I haven't got your email address that is why I am replying here.



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