Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday Weekly Website–Story Plant


Story Plant


Review: Story Plant is an activity in BBC Starship. A highly visual way for the young learners to see how a story “grows”. Basically you have to grow a story plant. Each leaf of the plant has different startups, scenarios etc. You have to choose one of the leaf and then water the plant to get more leaves. Your story grows with each sentence you choose and then after a while the plant stops growing. At this stage you can print what you have written to carry on “growing” it or start a new story. Although the scenarios used by the site are not very interesting and some of them are about magic and fantasy (which somewhat limits its benefit for Muslim learners), still this type of visualization let the learners understand how a story unfolds and what to include in their own writing. If your learner likes the idea, you can make a craft version of this activity by writing lots of scenarios, whats and ifs on petal shaped papers and let the children select the petals and glue them together to make their own story flowers. Ask the children to help you in preparing petals by providing ideas, scenes, characters etc. and in cutting or coloring of the petals. There are some musical sound effects so I would advise keeping the speakers off (which does not hinder in any way). Also take a look around the rest of Starship website where you will find some other interesting activities.


Suitable for ages: 4-8

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