Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quraan Verse By Verse With IKnowledge

There are many excellent resources available for free on the net for listening and learning Quraan, Quran Explorer being my favorite one. There are also many sites from where you can download high quality recitations on your computer like Al Afasy etc. These sites have been a great help to us in our journey to memorizing the Holy Quraan. Once downloaded on your computer, you can burn CDs, transfer it to ipods etc.

But recently I have been looking for a way to save every verse as a different track because if you are memorizing a lengthy suraa, like Al Baqara, you can not possibly reap much benefit from listening to it on ipods etc if every time you start, you have to start from the beginning and if there is no way to go to a specific verse directly. Of course one can use sites like Quran Explorer but listening to Quraan on ipod is much more practical and flexible. Alhamdulillah I found this site IKnowledge where I can not only listen to the recitation of any given verse, in the voice of many well known reciters, along with its translation and tafseer, but I can also download the recitation of every verse as a different track. This gives me the freedom to transfer selected verses to ipods and CDs and listen to selected verses only.


Along with Quraan, this site also has got translation (Mohsin Khan), tafseer (ibn Katheer), Seerah (the sealed nectar) and hadith (source unknown, so better practice caution). You can embed the whole site on your blog, or you can embed one of their widgets like Quranic verse of the day, hadith of the day etc.

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