Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Website–Maps Tools For Adventure


Maps Tools For Adventure


Review: Maps tools For Adventure is a joint venture by National Geographic and The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. This is actually a travelling exhibit but apart from the exhibit the site alone is the best I have come across on the topic of maps.  Teaching about key math concepts can feel dry but not with Maps Tools Of Adventure where maps are presented as “tools of adventure” . There are six excellent games to play and a wealth of ideas in the educators’ section. As the kids work their through games they are introduced to topics such as map keys and legends, Layers of information on a map, GIS (Global Information System), different kinds of maps etc at the same time learning about how maps are used in everyday life, how to follow directions, reading skills, endangered animals and Egyptian Pyramids etc. In the official unit study on mapping skills you will find tips on introducing mapping skills to younger children and working your way through to more complex skills. For bigger kids try engaging lessons and activities like Spice World, Geography of Pizza, Mapping the human journey etc. Check out the related links for additional goodies. Overall a great resource which in itself can be enough when teaching maps and geography.


Suitable for ages: 5-15

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