Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Website–Adventures of Amelia The Pigeon


Adventures of Amelia the Pigeon


Review: Adventures of Amelia the Pigeon is a great interactive site by NASA Science. The site tells the adventures of a pigeon who, equipped with a pigeon camera, goes around places in New York city. In a fun and interactive way kids are introduced to aerial photography, satellites and how these things may help us. When you are starting to teach mapping skills to young children, this site can be a great place to start. Children will learn how things seem different when seen from the top and this is a crucial skill in map study. The site is in the form of a story, divided in five chapters. The narrative is in the form of audio as well as written text. One drawback is that slides can not be paused and so if your learner is eager to read the story by him/her self, the transition may be quite speedy for him/her. There is also music at the transition of chapters and some in between so you will need to keep your hand ready on the speakers. Otherwise a very good site. There are also some lesson plans and related worksheets available in the Teacher’s guide.


Suitable for ages: 5-10

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