Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Website – Layers of Life


Layers Of Life


Review: Layers of Life is a beautiful interactive by National Geographic. Basically this interactive is aimed towards educating about the effects of Gulf Oil Spill on the Marine Eco system. But the educational benefit of this interactive is not limited to the effects of oil spill. You can use it as a means of learning more about the marine animals and plants, their interdependence, their role in the marine Eco system and their role in the marine trade of Florida and around. You can use this interactive when teaching about marine food webs, or about the marine animals and plants in general. You can learn about which animals are found at which depth inside the ocean and what role does the depth of the ocean play in the occurrence of these animals and plants. There are four zones or layers to explore: Coast and shore, Bright surface, Twilight Zone and Dark and Teeming. As with every National Geographic resource, it is rich in art and gloriously detailed.


Suitable for ages: 5-15

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