Friday, October 1, 2010

Art Generator of October

Fancy a masterpiece-work-of-art-toast? With Bread Art Project you can do just that! Choose a slice of bread (Wheat, white, country white and oat meal), choose the darkness/lightness of toast, grab a brush and paint away on your bread. Not good with the brush or in a rush? Upload a photo from your computer and “toast” it on your bread. The above picture took me almost 20 seconds to make. You can save your art work, display it in the gallery etc but for that you will need to provide your email address. If you do not want to do that just grab a screen shot of your slice of bread and share it with other! You can visit the art gallery to watch others art, and there is also an education section (though nothing much in there). Random facts about nutrition are fired at you while the tool is downloading. But we do not like it for the education purpose at all!
we love it because it is so amusing to see a bread toasted with design, and we try to think of how it would feel if we eat a different designed toast everyday! We talk about what pictures we will like on our toast, which pictures would be too gross to eat! Have fun with an assortment of patterns, magic brush and text! You can even “untoast” a bread! How cool is that?
Sneak in Learning: With a text tool, learning wouldn’t be so much sneaky, but it would be fun. Try writing fun messages for the family, delivered fresh in the morning via email! Online party invitations also sound fun and why not post a message on your blog? Try writing the names of other food you enjoy with toasted bread or make an online poster (sort of) to deliver a message on feeding the poor! Or leave everything and just make a bread art gallery on your hard drive!

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