Thursday, September 30, 2010

Art Generator of the month

I love online image editors and art generators and I am sure most children do as well. Image editors can be so much fun! We have used image editors and online painting programs to enhance learning in lots of areas like literacy, math, science and even Islamic studies. With the emergence of web2.0 so many diverge tools are available to today’s learner that not using them feels almost wasteful (at least to me!)
I have come across many interesting and out of normal image editors till now, I would post about one every month so children (and adults) have enough time to play explore it before moving on to next. I will try and include examples of how they can be used to enhance learning so you can integrate some learning in using them but above all let your children have some plain fun and let their creativity bloom while using them. Lets see for how many months I can post before running out of new tools!

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