Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Unit on Shaitaan

Umar bin Al Khataab (ra) said that he who do not knows about an evil will get involved in that evil. So to better equip our children with knowledge about our enemy Shaitaan and his army and how he works, I have made a unit on understanding Shaitaan. In it you will find information on history of Shaitaan, his vow to mislead children of Adam (as), some information about him as told by Nabi Muhammad (saw), duaas to safeguard ourselves from Shaitaan and some real world scenarios where children have to decide which is the way of Rahman and which is the way of Shaitaan. To check understanding games and questions are also included. Please note that I have made this unit for my children aged 5 and 8, so the target audience for this unit should be ages 4-8.
You can download the unit from here or from my stixy wall on Al Falaq wan Naas.

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