Thursday, July 29, 2010

Quraan Study

We have been doing a detailed Quraan study for a while now. We read the tafseer, discuss the meanings, learn the fiqh, aqaid involved and the history of that particular sura/ayaat and then we make projects/unit studies on things mentioned in those sura/ayaat (Thats why I have a page on my blog about Things in Quraan). But it was after reading Umm Raiyaan’s Quran Curriculum that I thought that I will also share my resources about our Quraan Study. I haven’t found much resources to teach Quraan to young children, and what are available are quite pricey, so I try to make my own resources as I go. These resources are made for my kids ages 8 and 5 years, and I would be sharing them for those who may want to use some or all of them.
To keep things organized I have set up a virtual wall with virtual post-it notes on it where I will jot down my ideas about teaching a particular sura. Any resources I have, will also be posted on these walls. Those of you who are familiar with wall wisher will understand what I am talking about (you can learn more about wall wisher from here) This site Stixy is a bit different as it also allows to upload documents and allows others to download them. Also on wall wisher you can not remove a sticky note once added, but there is no such limitation in Stixy so I am sticking with Stixy for this purpose.
Feel free to have a look at my wall for Al Falaq wan Naas (though there isn’t much on it yet) I will let you know about any updates made on this wall or about new walls created. If you have a resource or idea to share please leave me a link in the comments below and may be together we can build a big data base of resources.
Once again thanks to sister Umm Raiyaan whose Quraan Curriculum motivated me to organize and share my resources.

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  1. Assalamu Alaikum,

    Thanks for this post, inshaAllah I'm going to use these tips once my daughter is a little older :)

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