Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Website – Children’s University of Manchester


The Children’s University of Manchester


Review: The children’s University of Manchester is a collection of online, interactive activities covering subjects of science, some literacy and arts and design. The colourful graphics are sure to engage young learners while they learn at their own pace, with immediate feedback in a game like environment. Topics covered are Body and Medicine, Energy and Environment, Ancient Egypt, The Earth and beyond, Teeth and Eating, Micro Organisms, The Brain and Senses, Talking Textiles and Words. Each category is further divided into sub topics. Sub topics are generally explained in a fun interactive activity. You can find some very good activities in this website. Use the Shadows in The Earth and Beyond to explain Salaah times to your child, or perhaps your child can do extra grammar practice while playing the Adjective Detectives. Use Phases of the moon to explain the Islamic Calendar system, or teach your child his duty as a Muslim in not wasting resources by playing Energy and Environment Interactive House or learn about world cultures in Textile Talk. While most of the activities do not have music, please turn down speakers if the music starts in any.

image (use shadows game to teach about Salaah times)

Suitable for ages: 7-11

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