Friday, April 16, 2010

Techno Tools – Merriam Webster Visual Dictionary

Ok so a visual dictionary can’t be called a “tool” but the reason I chose to include Merriam Webster Visual Dictionary in the techno tools is its “blog tool”, but first a little about the dictionary itself.

As the name tells, it is a dictionary where definitions are explained with the aid of pictures as well as written explanations. The web site boasts of “20,000 terms with contextual definitions, developed by terminology experts and 6,000 full-colour images of a wide variety of objects from all aspects of life” Plain and simple!

Another interesting thing to see is the games tab, where every week there is one featured game. You can also browse in the archived games section and find lots of easy and simple games to give your vocabulary a boost.

And now the blog tool, under the tools tab you can find the “blog tools” (though there is just one tool at the moment available) For non profit and educational purposes you are free to use the illustrations on your blog or website provided the illustrations are not edited, and proper credit is given (hyper linking the illustrations to Merriam Webster Visual Dictionary website). For the kids(or grown ups) who are blogging this can be a great aid, since finding quality, copy right friendly images is a problem. These images cover a wide range of topics and concepts and kids who are making their projects online can benefit a lot from this little tool. Including the images in a blog post is easy, just copy the HTML code and paste it anywhere you want the picture to appear.



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