Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Techno Tools – Magic Studio

Magic Studio has been developed in conjunction with museums, publishers, teachers and pupils to provide an easy to use and highly engaging approach to visual, web based learning. You can either use content and resources from museums, archives and publishing houses with resources built and shared by other teachers, or  design all sorts of interactive resources for your self, using audio, video and pictures, either from the Content Exchange or your own personal media from Flickr, You Tube, Picasa or your home PC.  You can easily build your  own  “Drag ’n’Drops”, “Quizzes”, “Presentations”, “Timelines” and “Image Explorers”. Very easy to use interface and clear cut instructions at every step are available.

Take a tour of Magic Studio from here.

Exemplary Uses
Visit my Arabic Terms Quiz 


and Etiquettes Of Entering Toilet


I have made both the quizzes using Magic Studio.

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