Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Series – Techno Tools


I am starting a new series “Techno Tools” I wanted it to be “Tuesday Techno Tools” but didn’t want to commit another weekly post, so “Techno Tools” it is.

Techno Tools is all about technology, but the sort of technology which can be used by you and kids as powerful creative tools rather than pre made web based activities. (for pre made web based activities see me Wednesday Weekly series). These tools can be used in a number of projects.

Since there is a deficiency of authentic Islamic activities and data base on net, I hope that by utilizing these tools we would be able to create our own activities/projects to challenge and stimulate the brains of our young Muslim learners Insha Allaah.

I will try and include at least one example of that technology being used. If you use any of the technologies mentioned in this blog, please email me details about your project so I can publish it and let others have a clearer idea of integrating technology in home education insha Allaah.

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