Monday, June 18, 2012

WWW–Word Central


Review: Word Central is a great site by Merriam Webster where words are power and language is fun. Kids can search for any word in the dictionary, thesaurus and even search for rhyming words. They can build their own dictionary or subscribe for daily buzz word. But the feature I (and my kids) liked the most was the games section. kids can feed the Big-bot correct synonyms and antonyms, fly the Robo-bee through a garden of synonym, antonym, spelling and usage puzzles or drag, drop and click their way to success with Alpha-bot. No music and engaging graphics!


Suitable for ages: 5-10


  1. assalamulaiku maan!!

    this looks like a very cool game!!
    i will definatly do it some time!!
    jzk Allah for putting it!! u helped me learn something!! u also helped me get chered up when i'm getting boared!!
    jzk Allah for helping me get chered up!!



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