Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WWW–Planet Quest



Review: Planet Quest is another excellent site offered by NASA. Planet Quest is all about humans’ quest for exo planets or planets outside solar system. It has many neat interactives. Interactive Timeline is an excellent resource tracing the history of astronomy and space exploration from the Greek philosophers through today. This timeline has actually three elements combined into one: technology, discovery, and culture as they relate to astronomy and space exploration especially exo planet quets. Each element on the timeline is narrated. Users can select individual elements on the timeline or choose autoplay to hear the narration of each item in sequence. Alien Safari is a small interactive map that you can click on to discover the homes of the "most extreme" organisms on our planet. We can discover organisms that live at the coldest temperatures, hottest temperatures, deepest depths, and highest elevations. There is a short audio lesson about each of the organisms. The Interstellar Trip Planner is a simple interactive  in which students learn how long it would take to arrive at destination inside and outside of our solar system if they were travelling by plane, car, or rocket. Other interactives include 3D guide to galaxy, Extreme planet makeover etc. Don’t forget to have a look at New world atlas and the educators’ page to find other amazing stuff and resources. There is some music in the interactives so you may need to keep the sound off, or shuffle the on and off switches on your speakers quite frequently. Over all this site is an asset for students and educators alike like the other resources from NASA.


Suitable for ages: 10-18

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