Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Online stories and books for kids

I had tons of sites bookmarked where kids can read online stories and books. To make them more accessible and visual for my kids and for others I have created a pinterest board. Originally I had planned to put a link to my board rather than sharing all the various links here. But some of the sites can not be pinned because they do not have big pictures on their home page. So I am linking those few sites here on this blog in another post and then that post will be pinned on the board. Confusing heh?

Anyway if you are interested in sites where you can find online books for children have a look at my Pinterest board Online Books.


  1. Salam alykoum, is it just me or a general error that the links from this board don't connect... nice idea! keep up the good work!

    1. Assalamoalaikum anonymous,
      I tried all the links on the board as well as on the blog, they are all working fine. May be there is some problem at your side?
      thanks for stopping by though..


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