Thursday, February 23, 2012

WWW–Cell Craft

Review: Cell Craft is a state of the art game that invites students to delve into the world of the cell, learning about how a cell functions while helping it survive in hostile environments. The student will gain an understanding of important molecules such as glucose and ATP, as well as a variety of cellular organelles, while going through an entertaining story guided by Platypus scientists in need of help. The game encourages students to balance resources and grow a robust cell in order to fight off cold, starvation, and viruses. Can they use their cellular knowledge to grow a super cell and save the Platypus species? I love this game because it not only makes the process of understanding and remembering fun but students must apply their knowledge in order for the cell to survive. There is music in this game but you can turn it off from the menu. It is one of those resources that need to be seen (or played with) to discover the full potential.

Suitable for ages: 7-15

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