Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Art Generator of October 2011



Sketchcast is a new way to express yourself. You can draw or sketch something and record yourself doing it WITH OR WITHOUT voice. There are lots of possibilities with this tool. You can explain stuff, make tutorials or simply have fun while drawing or making art. The finished sketchcast can be shared via email or can be embedded in a blog. You will need to register in order to use this tool, but registration is free and quite easy. You can learn more about using this tool here.

Sneaking in Learning: There are really tons of activities you can use this tool in. Fro language practice, have the child draw something and describe their art. I like to use this tool in our Arabic lessons. Or children can make tutorials and how-tos. Another great way to use this tool is to let them explain mathematical and scientific concepts as end of project assessments. You can also watch others’ sketchcasts, for inspiration or to learn as many people have made tutorials on different stuff using this tool.

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