Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday Weekly Website–Material World


Material World


Review: Material World has been designed for use by KS1 & 2 children during lessons. Pupils will learn about materials, processes and techniques used in art through the different categories of Paint, Wood, Metal, Clay, Animal, Stone and Composite. Within each section there is information about:
. Where the material comes from.
. The different types of each material.
. The processes that are used with each material.
. How museums care for each material.
The ‘Fun’ section for each of the individual materials contains an interactive activity designed to be used by children using this site. They can gain more information about key works of art by visiting the ‘Gallery’ and unusual words are defined in the ‘Glossary’.

Although we are not big fans of all kind of arts, and as some forms of arts (like sculptures, nude art etc.) are totally prohibited in Islam, we do not study art. But I use this site as a means of introducing the different materials that make up our world.


Suitable for ages: 5-10 years.

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