Friday, September 16, 2011

Tafseer Posters

I really like the method of strewing in homeschooling. Many a times, I just keep things lying around and leave it at that. Soon things start happening, great discussions and exploring takes place until we are quite done with that object and move on. I wanted to use this approach in teaching Islamic studies, as it doesn’t look at all like studying but sticks to the mind nevertheless. I started with putting up various sayings (ahadeeth) of Prophet Muhammad (saw) on our fridge and my kids responded pretty well. They read it most of the times when playing in the kitchen and many a great discussions took place while preparing supper.


Now I have started making these Tafseer posters (for the lack of any other word, though they are not like posters in the real sense, only simple printables). But rather than emphasizing on the translation or other Quraanic sciences, I wanted my children to learn what lesson Quraan offers us in any given verse. So I came up with these Quraan Tafseer posters, the first page gives you the Quraanic Arabic text (an excellent form of revision for the hufaadh by the way), followed by a descriptive translation (Dr. Mohsin Khan) and then there are some colorful cards, each card for a lesson learned from these verses. I will try and write the “lessons” in a simple language, easy enough for the younger kids, but as they are lessons from Quraan, they are beneficial for everyone. It is one of the miracles of Quraan that everyone no matter the age, gender or social standing can benefit equally from this book of Allaah, insha Allaah.

I post mine on the fridge, and the plan was NOT to point it to them or try to get them interested in them. But my plan backfired, as my little girl was very eager to type out the lessons “to share with everyone”. SmileYou can post them on your fridge with magnets or a bulletin board. The cards can be cut out or left on the sheets. You can display the cards as a bunting or make a small box and put the cards in there. Whatever works for you! You can rotate the posters every few days or whatever works best for you, insha Allaah.

Here is the first set, Surah Al Baqara verse 1-7. I will try and upload a set every one or two week, insha Allaah, but all further posting will be done on Taaleemul Quraan blog, not here so if you are interested in following through, watch out that space.

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