Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday Weekly Website–Whizzball




Review: Whizzball is a great site from Dicovery kids. The concept of the game is simple, a ball needs to be guided to the target. But what makes this game such a great one is that there are not only hundreds of puzzles made by kids all over the world, but kids can make their own puzzles for others to solve. Building a puzzle is a simple matter of dragging and dropping objects like simple catapults, tubes, springs and tiles on your game board. Once you are satisfied with your puzzle you can submit it online for the others to solve. It is one of those web sites where you need to visit before you understand the full potential. It can be a wonderful warmer activity when studying simple machine. These types of puzzles are great way to develop the logical thinking and problem solving skills in kids. There is some music but this site can be used to full advantage even without speakers. You will need to register before you can play, but registration is a matter of simply choosing a name for yourself. Once you have submitted your puzzle you can even send it to friends and invite them to play it. Also don’t forget to explore the other games in discovery kids.


Suitable for ages: 6-12

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