Thursday, June 23, 2011

Free Islamic Studies Text Books


There are 4 Islamic studies textbooks for grade 1 to 4 available at Free Islamic Textbooks. I haven’t downloaded all, so I can not review all of them personally, but the one I downloaded seemed good though not much interesting. But they can be used as spines if you want an Islamic curriculum. You can add activities here and there to make them more interesting insha Allaah. Unfortunately the textbooks contain drawings of animated beings, so make sure your child knows it is wrong.


  1. As salaamu alaykum,

    Naam, when I first came across these I thought these were ok. They were brought up in one of my homeschooling groups and some members found some of the content to be racist, and of course you have to be super careful with where you get your Islamic content from, but if you had nothing else, you could at least use it as a spine I guess. Just thought I would mention a few thoughts as I had come across them as well.

    1. AA,
      I have used these books as you say a spine and I have not seen anything racist in them so far, however I suggest that these books be used as a guide with proper planning and research with supplementary material because some of the material is incorrect.For example the story of Adam is explained the Biblical way.

  2. Wa alaikumussalam

    Jazakillah sister for the feedback and for sharing your knowledge. as i said, i haven't downloaded them all and the one i hv downloaded looked ok. So now i hope that people who want to download them will read your comment and be careful insha Allah.

    thanks for stoping by.


  3. I am looking for arabic,urdu and english islamic books to download free from the websites. Please tell me a website to order for free Islamic books to my home.


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