Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Weekly Website–Mount Hira

Mount Hira


Review: Mount Hira “aim to create a learning website which makes it easy for people to learn and memorise important verses, which can benefit us all in our life...for protection, success...and to get closer to our Creator.”
Currently they have lessons/tutorials for Ayatul kursi, Sura Yaseen, suratul Fatihah, Suratul Qadr and from Suratul Aadiyaat to Suratun Naas. Each lesson lets the student to listen to one ayaah at a time and you can replay the same ayaah over and over again. You can also read the meaning of every ayaah. A short summary of every sura is also presented at the beginning. There are also tutorials available to memorize some duaas and the 99 exalted names of Allaah SWT. Tutorials can be downloaded for offline use as well.

Suitable for ages: 3-80

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