Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Art generator of May


Challenge the imagination and creative thinking of your kids with this superb resource, klowdz. When you enter the site, you're given a picture of some clouds. See what that cloud in the picture looks like. Is it a castle or a cottage, a flower or a cabbage! Then you set to work and use some different drawing tools to add detail to what you "see" in your clouds. Tools like furry lines, curvy lines, simple lines and chrome can also be adjusted for size and colour. If you're not happy with your creation, you can clear and start again. Can’t see a thing in the cloud? No problem! Just press the cloud icon and choose another cloud picture. You can save to your computer as a jpg, or join the site and save to their online gallery, which gives you a url to share with your friends. No joining necessary if you just want to play, and save to your own computer. There is also a gallery of drawings based on cloud pictures made by others. Don’t forget to follow up by lying with your kids on the grass and watch clouds drift by.

Sneaking in learning:  Challenging kids to recognise or imagine shapes in the clouds is not only fun, it also encourages creative thinking and develops their imagination muscles. If your kids are interested you can always write stories about the pictures you see in clouds. I would recommend keeping the pictures and stories inside the world of realm and not to encourage fantasy. For kids who like to play with photoshop or other such softwares, here and here are great tutorials on making cloudy letters. And to point out the obvious, it can be a great warming up activity when studying weather, water cycle, atmosphere etc.

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