Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday Weekly Website–Children at World War II


Children At World War II


Review: Living in the present era with wars all around us, (may Allaah have mercy on all the Muslims being terrorized by America and its allies aamin) children are often curious about wars and how it affects people. Children At World War II is an interactive resource from BBC Primary History where children can learn about the often neglected human side of the war. They can learn about daily lives, education, food, shopping and other aspects of day to day life in the era of world war II and with the aid of documents, photos, sounds, fun quizzes and activities learn how the war effected the people at that time. This resource can be a very beneficial one when explaining the current affairs and current wars to kids. Many people think that wars are too morbid for younger minds and they feel the necessity of sheltering the young minds from its details. But being Muslim youngsters, our kids should know the position they and other Muslims are in, and they should learn what war does to people so they can develop a sense of compassion and sympathy for those currently living in war afflicted areas such as Afghanistan, Iraq and now Libya. May Allaah have mercy on Muslim ummaah and may Allaah guide us to the love of Islam and Muslims aamin. This site is quite full of resources and may feel over whelming at first but taking one topic at a time can prove manageable. Also don’t forget to take a look at other topics in BBC Primary History if you are studying Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Ancient Greeks, Romans, Children in Victorian Britain, British History or even World History.


Suitable for ages: 5-12

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