Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Smart Applications–al Quran

I start this series of smart applications with the Holy Quraan. Al Quran is complete Quraan al Kareem on your smart phone.


Details by Developer

Introducing a highly optimized and searchable Holy Quran application for iPhone. alQuran will enable you to read entire Holy Quran as well as translations and commentary in various languages. Listen to verse by verse recitation of the Quran and recitations of many other famous reciters. Search the Holy Quran text and translations easily and quickly.
* Searchable Holy Quran
* Over a 100 translations in more than 30 different languages & adding...
* Bookmarking and References to verses
* Easy scrolling
* Verse by verse Recitation
* Recitation of many famous reciters
* Easy to use interface design
* Book Style Reading Experience
* And much more...


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