Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday Weekly Website–A Walk in the Woods


A Walk In The Woods


Review: Walking in the woods is a great experience. It is fun, it is educational and it is a sure way to spark the curiosity of a child. But sometimes, like when you are living in Johannesburg, a walk in the woods is simply impossible. So here is a virtual Walk in the woods, which can not take the place of the real thing but can at least give you a taste for the real thing. In A Walk In The Woods, you will explore textures of the barks, see fungi up close, learn about renewable and non renewable resources, eco system, decomposition and dependability of living organisms on each other, tips on staying safe in the woods, differentiating different plants etc. There are “nature notes” available on all these topics to learn more. The “fun place” at the end of the activity has a wood walker certificate, a wood walkers journal where children can make their own entries, a timber talk story writer where kids can write their own wood walk stories and a postcard creator. Also check the resources section where you will find tons of links to study about animals, plants and insects found in the woods. there is no music which is a plus.


Suitable for ages: 6-10

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