Thursday, March 10, 2011

Art Generator of March



City Creator is a fantastic applet letting you make cities, complete with buildings, roads, people and vehicles, from scratch. Choose from medieville (a medieval city), snoland (a city covered in a blanket of snow) and blankton ( a modern city center). For every selection you would be given backgrounds, buildings, roofs, people and vehicles and roads/walkways according to your selection. Building the town is an easy matter of dragging the pieces on the canvas. Once you have finished making your town you can save your work, print it, send it to a friend as an ecard, set it as a desktop paper for your computer etc., although you will need to register in order to do the above. Registration is free but requires an email address. Or if you do not want to bother about registering etc., you can just play with the tool, and take a screenshot of your created city.2011-03-09_1118

Sneaking in Learning: This tool can be great for plain fun. You can also use it when studying about medieval architecture and history, modern architecture, seasons etc. Use it as an illustration for your upcoming story or make a town setting and use it as a writing prompt. Try making math story problems based on your city. Challenge the kids to design a city which meets a particular standard etc.  This tool has a lot of potential for the creative mind.


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